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About Lindsay

Hello and Welcome,

I am Lindsay McLachlan I am the owner and operator of Time and Space Design, Classical Feng Shui which was established in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. I am a professional Feng Shui Consultant specializing in the ancient art of Classical Feng Shui.

I was introduced to Feng Shui by a small book I picked up while waiting on a cold snowy day in Kristiansand Norway for my flight back to Vancouver BC. I studied interior design at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) in the 80’s and have always had a fascination for architecture, interior design, and health. My career followed the Health industry; I became a sales representative for a wonderful company and explored alternative health and the many different facets of the Holistic health industry.

Which brings me full circle to Feng Shui. When I investigated deeper, and discovered the many different approaches and schools, I realized that Classical Feng Shui is not only accurate but very specific to each building as well as each individual using the Ming Gua (birth chart) as part of an audit. My skills and expertise are to assist individuals in creating beautiful spaces that will enhance their well being and prosperity, in all aspects of their lives; Mental Physical and Spiritual.

I researched the different schools and found Master Joseph Yu’s school, Feng Shui Research Center. I studied both online and attended workshops at the center in Toronto Canada.

Classical Feng Shui has shown me that a home is very similar to the ancient art of Acupuncture for the body Health and Well Being. The use of the Five Elements is used, as well as the belief in Ying and Yang, and all things are connected, the “I Ching” the book of change.

When a building or location is been sought out, I aid in finding the right location. The next step is to design the correct floor plan to have the energy moving effectively. The actual foundation and direction (Time and Space) is very important. A building takes on energy (Qi) when it is constructed. Having this knowledge and using the information, when carried out properly and performed by a qualified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner, one can bring balance, harmony and prosperity to one’s life.

I work with my clients through all stages of the building, and then the furnishings and final touches of colour and accessories.
If the building or business is already established then I give direction and help to establish the correct energy flow using the five elements.

A home is the largest single investment a person makes. Whether it be an investment or your family home.

If you are renovating an existing building, designing a new home or a mega complex.

My objective is to study the architecture and implement my knowledge to be apart of developing the housing market, keeping beauty and harmony as the foundation. My vision is to work with established builders and developers as well as architects and interior designers.

It would be an honour to share this ancient art with you.

With gratitude

Come visit me on Time and Space Wellness.